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Internet Authentication System

In the pursuant of Computer Misuse Act, 2007, Siam University has procured Internet Authentication System for the accessibility to the internet. In the process you will have to identify the correct Username and Password in order to be granted the access, which the steps are listed below:
Every time before using the internet you will have to enter your Username and Password through a browser such as Internet Explorer, Firefox, Safari for examples or click Here to login.
Every time after using the internet you will have to Logout Here otherwise will be considered as an intentional violation.
Every users will use their identification number as username and birthday as the password. For example, if your ID# is 4717600009 and you were born on January 1st, 2520 (only use Thai calendar year) then:
Username : 4717600009
Password : 01012520 (In the case of single digit, add a zero in front)
When using the system for the first time the user is responsible to change the password immediately.
You can change the Password at Here
Username and Password are considered as personal asset and not allow to be expose to anyone, otherwise will be considered as an intentional violation
Users can study the policies on computer usage and Siam Universitys internet connection at Here
If there is any problem in the usage of the system, please contact the Information Center between Monday to Friday from 8:30-19:00 and on Saturday from 8:30-16:30 or phone number: 02-457-0068 ext. 220
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